Media Releases

TPPA may open doors for processed wood products

8 October 2015

The forest and wood processing industries have welcomed the removal of tariffs on wood products across the 12 countries of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Emission targets need to be fair and credible

09 June 2015

The forest and wood processing industries have urged the government to set a credible emissions target and to implement it fairly.

NZ Forests gain international visibility

24 January 2015

With the acceptance of the NZ Forest Certification Association (NZFCA) as New Zealand's PEFC Member, New Zealand forest growers gain visibility in the world's leading forest certification system. "We are delighted to be accepted into membership of PEFC and to represent PEFC in New Zealand" says Dr Andrew McEwen, chair of NZFCA.

Limited benefits for wood products in Korean FTA

20 November 2014

The Wood Council of NZ (Woodco) says tariffs will continue to restrict trade in processed wood products despite the signing of a FTA with South Korea.

Woodco response to Labour Party forest sector policy announcements

15 July 2014

The NZ Wood Council welcomes the comprehensive policy announcements made by Labour Leader Hon David Cunliffe to ForestWood 2014. The detail of the policy is impressive and is clearly the end result of a lot of time and thought.

Proudly forged by sun, rain, sweat & innovation

28 March 2014


Rain, sun, mud, soil, dust. Trees, logs, trucks, screaming saws. Massive computer-controlled processing plants. Log stacks on the wharf.

NZ wood innovation attracts Australian architects

6 March 2014

A group of leading Australian commercial architects is visiting New Zealand this month to come up to speed with developments in the use of engineered wood in commercial buildings.

Vital investment tool developed for wood processors

4 June 2013

A major study report released by the Wood Council highlights the need for by-products from established industries like sawmilling if New Zealand is to develop profitable businesses based on emerging technologies, like bio-fuels and bio-chemicals.

Scion to hold WoodScape workshops

4 June 2013

Scion is holding workshops later this month to demonstrate how the WoodScape model may help forestry and wood processing business owners and investors make decisions around the future of their operations. Workshops will be held in Rotorua, Whangarei, Gisborne, Wellington, Nelson and Dunedin.

NZ Wood Responds to Market Conditions

22 May 2013

NZ Wood, the promotional arm of the Wood Council of New Zealand has today confirmed that it is scaling back its activities.






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