Wood Council of New Zealand Strengthens its Focus

Jane will assume full responsibility for the NZ Wood programme that is currently outsourced.

Jane has an extensive background in business strategy, marketing and brand management. Previously she has worked in the transport logistics, manufacturing, construction, forestry and agriculture sectors. Her experience includes investor relations, public affairs, non-financial audits and managing nationwide sponsorship projects across multiple stakeholders.

In making the appointment Woodco Chairman Doug Ducker highlighted the significance of the forest wood sector to NZ’s economy and the unique properties and relevance of engineered  timber products to residential and commercial construction projects in Canterbury and elsewhere.

“Timber is very much in the public eye  and as we embark on the rebuild of Christchurch all of us in the forestry sector want to ensure that stakeholders in the rebuild process are kept informed and abreast of the added integrity that timber gives to both repair and rebuild work,” said Mr Ducker.

“We are confident that home owners, property  owners and investors who want assurance about the strength and resilience of their buildings  will be specifying timber and we are keen to assist,” he said.

In New Zealand the forest wood sector benefits from a pan industry marketing approach that  promotes  the unparalleled economic, social and environmental  benefits and life cycle contribution  of timber. This is reinforced by extensive collaboration with research and teaching institutions such as the Structural Timber Innovation Company (STIC) and Scion. NZ Wood  is also an integral member of the International Wood Promotion Network.

For more information please contact

Doug Ducker Managing Director, PanPac  06 831 0100 Chair, Woodco

Jane Arnott 021 807 002






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